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Star Trek Countdown to Darkness #1 Enterprise Edition

Star Trek Countdown to Darkness #1 Enterprise Edition

The countdown officially begins now, with Star Trek Countdown to Darkness #1 the "Enterprise Edition" produced exclusively for UK Conventions Limited by IDW Publishing. Limited to just 1701 copies worldwide (complete with certificate of authenticity) with cover art from Stephen Molnar and colours by John Rauch.

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Star Trek Countdown to Darkness #1 Enterprise Edition

Star Trek Countdown to Darkness #1 is the first instalment in a four-issue prequel mini-series that will set the stage for the eagerly awaited Star Trek sequel Into Darkness opening in cinemas on May 17th. For the new mini-series, IDW has once again tapped the team behind 2009’s Star Trek: Countdown, namely Roberto Orci, Mike Johnson and David Messina. Johnson has written the adventure, working in tandem with Orci, co-producer and co-writer of Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek Into Darkness, while Messina is handling the artwork.

Star Trek Countdown to Darkness

In the months since the defeat of the Romulan terrorist Nero, Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise have embarked on a voyage of discovery that has taken them across the galaxy. They have explored strange new worlds, new civilizations... And encountered grave new threats to the security of the Federation. None greater than the one they face now.

Enterprise Edition

Available only whilst stock lasts, the "Enterprise Edition" of Star Trek Countdown To Darkness by IDW Publishing is limited to just 1701 copies worldwide and is not available anywhere else. With a stunning cover featuring the U.S.S. Enterprise illustrated by Star Trek artist Stephen Molnar, Star Trek Countdown To Darkness "Enterprise Edition" is a must have for any Star Trek fan or comic book collector.

The Sci-Fi Shop is the Official and EXCLUSIVE UK and European distributor for Star Trek Countdown to Darkness Enterprise Edition! Your limited edition variant comic will arrive in it's own comic book bag with free backer board and numbered certificate of authenticity!

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Star Trek
David Messina
Stephen Molnar
  • Mike Johnson
  • Roberto Orci
Both story and art are great! The surprise character on the last page really was a surprise to me - not going to spoil it for you but if you are a long-time Star Trek fan like I am, you will immediately recognize the name.

The characters in the comic don't always resemble the actors, but artist David Messina does a good job of capturing the feel of film - including Abrams lens flares. The first few pages ties it in nicely with the events of the first film while still giving us the sense that some time has passed and the Enterprise and her crew have some experience under their belts.

This first issue is a bit light in terms of story having to set the stage and give us the tie in to the previous film all at once, but it does it's job of making me want to see the next issue - and the movie.

I really love the Enterprise on this cover - I think it's my favorite cover of the 4 available. It really captures the grace and power of the Enterprise and the likeness of Chris Pine's Kirk here is a bit better than the mass market cover.

The only thing I would have liked would have been a bit more about the film - perhaps an interview or at least 1 page about the upcoming movie, but there is none of that here, just a 1 page splash of Uhura with "Next Issue" on it.

All in all though, it's a great book and GORGEOUS cover!

All in all, this is a great first issue for a mini series and I look forward to the other 3 issues.

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