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Shane Brolly Signed Photo as Kraven from Underworld

Shane Brolly Signed Photo as Kraven from Underworld

An 8" x 10" colour photograph clearly signed in blue by Shane Brolly, who played the vampire character of Kraven in Underworld. This signature was obtained on 15th September, 2003 at the Underworld movie premiere at Manns Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, CA.

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Shane Brolly Signed Photo

The Sci-Fi Shop guarantees the signature on this signed photo as 100% authentic and genuine. This photograph was signed in person by Shane Brolly in the presence of a representative of The Sci-Fi Shop.

Shane Brolly

Shane R. Brolly (born 6 March 1970) is an actor from Northern Ireland. Shane started his career in made-for-cable crime dramas in the late 1990s. After some independent films, he played a small role in the science fiction thriller Impostor, based on a story by Philip K. Dick. His most notable role to date was in Underworld as Kraven. He also reprised the role for Underworld: Evolution, and could be heard through archive footage used from the first film in the final scene of Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. He also starred in CSI: NY in 2007 in the final episode of Season 3 "Snow Day".


The name Kraven is a derivation of the English word "craven" meaning coward, a reference to Kraven's spineless nature. Kraven is a long-time suitor of Selene, a Death Dealer. Kraven fancies himself to a relationship with Selene, even though she has fallen for Michael Corvin. Kraven shoots Michael multiple times with silver nitrate bullets, nearly killing him, but Selene revives Michael in time by biting him. Kraven was so obsessed with Selene that the more she refused, the more he wanted her. Kraven goes to a slumbering Marcus and almost murders him, but Marcus surprisingly wakes and attacks Kraven and his men. Marcus then bites Kraven and obtains his memories, but although he stops before Kraven dies of blood loss, he then ignores Kraven's request to assist him and kills Kraven by beheading him.


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