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Second Doctor with Dalek Doctor Who Action Figure Box Set

Second Doctor with Dalek Doctor Who Action Figure Box Set

Highly detailed and realistic action figure box set that celebrates 50 years of Doctor Who. Box set includes a fully poseable 5-inch Second Doctor action figure and a free-wheeling Dalek action figure from the same era that features moveable eye stalk and gun arm.

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The Second Doctor

The First Doctor regenerated whilst battling the Cybermen during the events of ‘The Tenth Planet’ and eventually collapsed, exhausted. His body renewed itself and transformed into the Second Doctor. The Second Doctor’s characteristics centred around his ability to mislead his enemies as to the actual threat he posed to their plans. The Second Doctor confronted many familiar foes such as the Daleks and the Cybermen, as well as new enemies such as the Great Intelligence and the Ice Warriors. The Second Doctor was put on trial by his own people, the Time Lords, for breaking their laws of non-interference.

The Daleks

Genetic mutations housed in armoured travel machines, the Daleks are the distillation of all that is evil in the Universe.

Doctor Who

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