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Maggie Q Signed Photo as Nikita from Nikita

Maggie Q Signed Photo as Nikita from Nikita

An 8" x 10" colour photograph clearly signed in blue by Maggie Q, who played the character of Nikita Mears in Nikita.

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Maggie Q Signed Photo as Nikita from Nikita

The Sci-Fi Shop guarantees the signature on this signed photo as 100% authentic and genuine. This photograph was signed in person by Maggie Q in the presence of a representative of The Sci-Fi Shop.

Maggie Q

Margaret Denise Quigley (born May 22, 1979), professionally known as Maggie Q, is an American actress and former fashion model. As of 2010, she starred in the title role on The CW's action-thriller series Nikita.

Nikita Mears

Nikita Mears is the primary protagonist and eponymous character of Nikita, an American action and drama television series, which debuted in September 2010 on The CW Television Network. She is played by American actress Maggie Q. The series follows Nikita's efforts in bringing down Division, a secret agency that trained her into becoming an agent and assassin, and then betrayed her by killing a man she fell in love with, civilian Daniel Monroe. She recruits Alexandra Udinov (Lyndsy Fonseca) into helping her destroy Division from within.

Q was in talks to appear on the series as the title character in February 2010, and it was her first time working on a television series. She was chosen for the role because series creator Craig Silverstein believed Q had qualities that would fit the character; "beautiful, who could fight," and be believable with a gun. The actress meanwhile was intrigued by the original Nikita film and Luc Besson's creation of a flawed female character. Q performs her own stunts of the series. The series also deals with Nikita and Michael's romantic tension, then relationship, described by the fans as "Mikita." The character and Q's portrayal garnered mostly positive reactions from critics.


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