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Doctor Who Crack in Time Framed Photographic Print

Doctor Who Crack in Time Framed Photographic Print (30"x12")

A collectable, Doctor Who pre-framed 75cm×30cm (30"x12") high quality photographic print featuring the "Crack in Time" from the Young Amelia Pond's bedroom wall.

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Doctor Who Crack in Time Framed Print

  • 30"x12" Framed Photographic Print
  • 30mm Moulding
  • Shatter Proof Styrene

Crack in Time

In the first episode of Series 5, the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) meets young Amelia Pond (Caitlin Blackwood) who shows him a scary crack in her bedroom wall, which he recognises as a crack in "the skin of the universe". This crack allows Prisoner Zero to enter Leadworth and affected Amy's life as she grew up, erasing her parents from history. As the Doctor, Amy and later Rory travel throughout series 5, they are unaware of similar-shaped cracks that appear, such as in the hull of Starship UK in "The Beast Below", on a wall in the Cabinet War Rooms in "Victory of the Daleks" and in a kitchen in "The Lodger". The Doctor also hides an image of the crack on the TARDIS monitor from Amy at the end of "The Eleventh Hour". Throughout his encounters with the cracks, the Doctor is warned about the Pandorica, which he dismisses as "a fairytale", and that "silence will fall" when "the Pandorica opens". The nature of the cracks is revealed in "Flesh and Stone", when the Doctor discovers that the crack is a result of a time explosion on 26th June 2010, the day of Amy's wedding to Rory (Arthur Darvill). They observe people consumed by the crack, erasing them from history; in "The Vampires of Venice", they learn of the crack's threat to other species and civilisations. In "Cold Blood", the cracks are shown to be more dangerous than previously thought, with Rory being absorbed by a crack underground and erased from history, causing Amy to forget him. Having pulled a piece of TARDIS shrapnel out of the crack, the Doctor worries for its future, believing that the cracks are a result of the TARDIS exploding.

In "The Pandorica Opens", River Song (Alex Kingston) recovers a work of Vincent van Gogh (Tony Curran) showing the destruction of the TARDIS; the Doctor connects the painting with the Pandorica. The Pandorica is revealed as a trap for the Doctor created by his greatest foes from elements of Amy's childhood imagination, designed to lock the Doctor away and prevent the timestream damage that they believe the Doctor will cause, even though the Doctor warns that the time explosion will be caused by the exploding TARDIS. When, in "The Big Bang", the TARDIS explodes with River inside, a sinister hissing voice is heard declaring 'silence will fall'. The explosion destroys every star in the universe and all goes dark, except for the Earth, which appears to have a sun keeping it alive. This light source is revealed to be the exploding TARDIS, having put itself into a time loop at the moment of its own destruction to save River Song. After exploiting a time paradox to escape the Pandorica, the Doctor uses the remaining atoms of the original universe inside the Pandorica to restore the universe to normal—comparing it to cloning a body from a single cell—and closes the cracks, albeit with him sealed away from the universe behind them. He is returned to the universe after Amy, during her wedding, recalls the last words the Doctor said to her as a child. After returning to the universe, the Doctor remains concerned at what caused the TARDIS to explode in the first place. The storyline continues in Series 6, focusing on the agency behind the TARDIS explosion and the recurring phrase "silence will fall".

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