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Doctor Who Battles In Time #11 (Page 2) Original Comic Book Artwork by Lee Sullivan

Doctor Who Battles In Time #11 (Page 2) Original Comic Book Artwork by Lee Sullivan

This is the original and unique comic book artwork and not a reprint.

An original piece of comic book artwork produced by comic artist Lee Sullivan. This is page 2 of Doctor Who Battles In Time issue #11 and is part of the comic strip Time of the Cybermen. Approximately A3 in size, this collectors item and piece of Doctor Who history comes complete with certificate of authenticity and will be signed by Lee Sullivan before dispatch.

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Doctor Who Battles In Time #11 (Page 2) Original Comic Book Artwork by Lee Sullivan

Page 2 from the comic story Time of the Cybermen from issue #11 of Doctor Who Battles In Time Magazine. The TARDIS lands in Centuria Central in a temporal stasis field. Kadett is caught in the frozen moment but the Doctor, who is a Time Lord, can resist the field. Cybermen in a patrol aircar spot him moving and pursue him. The Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver to bring the aircar crashing down. This draws the attention of other Cybermen, who arrive to salvage parts and take them back to base. The Doctor smuggles himself into the base with the salvage.

This item is available exclusively through and (the Official online shop of comic artist Lee Sullivan).

Doctor Who Battles In Time Magazine

Following a successful regional trial of a Doctor Who magazine and trading cards in the UK, the title was launched nationally in September 2006 by GE Fabbri Ltd. Originally planned as a work in fifty-two parts issued fortnightly, the title was expanded with the launch of the Devastator series of two-hundred and fifty new cards. These featured graphics from the recently aired Series Four, and extended the life of the magazine title.

Each issue of the magazine included regular features such as Gameplay, Card Clash, FAQ, Centre-spread Monster Foldout, Comic Strip, Brain Buster Puzzles, Personality Test and Behind the Scenes or Dalek Wars (Search and Find).

Doctor Who
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