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Autograph Guarantee

All autographed items sold by The Sci-Fi Shop are guaranteed to be authentic for the lifetime of the autograph, it is something we are proud to offer to our customers and a policy we like to shout about.

Genuine & Authentic

The Sci-Fi Shop have been organising private, in-person signings with sci-fi, fantasy, horror and cult entertainment celebrities since 2004. We have met numerous stars from your favourite shows and like to think we know a thing or two about the autograph business. What's more, if we obtain any of our autographs from third parties, we ensure they are members of the leading autograph associations and have a long history of genuine trading. Other than the autographs we obtain ourselves, we currently only use one third party to obtain additional autographs, who we have been dealing with for years because they are trusted within the business.

Lifetime Guarantee Of Authenticity

Our lifetime money back guarantee of authenticity is our life-long commitment to providing you with only 100% genuine and authentic items. Every autographed item you purchase from The Sci-Fi Shop includes a Certificate of Authenticity, backed by a full money back guarantee of authenticity to the original purchaser, for the lifetime of their ownership.