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About Us

The Sci-Fi Shop is a UK based retailer specialising in science fiction, fantasy and cult entertainment. Stocking items from many of the top franchises, The Sci-Fi Shop has been trading since 2004 both online, and at conventions throughout the United Kingdom.

UK Conventions Limited

Science fiction, fantasy, horror and cult entertainment... What do they all have in common? Apart from inspiring some pretty amazing television shows and movies, they also inspire people. The beginnings of The Sci-Fi Shop (and our parent company UK Conventions Limited) are the direct result of such inspiration.

Since its formation in 2003, UK Conventions have been pioneers of innovation within the science fiction industry. We launched the worlds first dedicated science fiction ISP (internet service provider) in 2003, launched Europe's first science fiction, fantasy and horror mobile content provider in 2004 and also in 2004 launced the UK's first sci-fi VOD (video on demand) service. With even more planned for the near future, the benefits of having a company such as UK Conventons Limited operating The Sci-Fi Shop are amazing.

The Original Sci-Fi Shop

When we first launched The Sci-Fi Shop in 2004 (located online at, we didn't have the latest website, huge buying power or even much knowledge of running an online shop, what we did have was enthusiasm about our hobby (sci-fi), and a desperate will to build a business around that hobby that would in turn make science fiction more accessible to other fans. This is why UK Conventions Limited, our parent company was formed. Quickly forging relationships with some of the worlds top suppliers, we successfully became one of the largest online retailers of science fiction collectibles within our industry.

Moving With The Times

Wanting to make sci-fi shopping even easier for our customers, we secured the domain names and re-launching our website in 2012 to take advantage of these shorter names. Not only did we change our domain names, but we also changed our website, with a completly new design and software solution, offering the very best possible experience for our users.

Quality Collectibles

Standing out from the crowd when it came to our product offerings was one of the first decisions we made whem we launched The Sci-Fi Shop back in 2004, and to this end we quickly set about securing sought after collectibles such as signed photos and memorabilia. Whilst sourcing these items we have had the pleasure of meeting with many celebrities from shows we all love, from Star Trek's Nichelle Nichols to James Marsters, the vampire everyone loves to hate from Buffy and Angel, we have worked with many stars to bring you quality, authentic collectibles. Obviously over time we have also added many standard products to our shop, but we will never loose our passion of brining rare collectibles to our customers.

We are also proud to have helped fans from all over the world complete collections, from securing a signature to complete a collection, to sourcing action figures no longer in production. We know the importance that one item can make to a true collector, and encourage our customers to communivate with us. If you want to see us stocking a new line, then please just let us know.

Exclusive Products

Not satisfied with simply sourcing signed and limited edition products for our customers, we have recently concluded deals with some major worldwide brands to secure exclusive product lines for our customers. This means that in 2013 our customers will be able to purchase officially licensed, exclusive products that are only available through The Sci-Fi Shop and no other retailer. Don't go anywhere, you don't want to miss what we have in store for sci-fi fans in 2013!